One of the most common and ridiculous problem is abdominal Gas pain and bloating. Gas can caused by many different reasons such as 
change in the type of bacteria or increase in the number of bacteria in your small intestine. 

Reason of Causing Abdominal Gas Pain and Problems

  1. These Bacteria can cause gas pain, along weight loss and diarrhea.
  2. Another reason is Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) change in bowel movement or indigestion of food can cause gas also, due to IBS pattern of bowel can change which may don’t let pass gas from smaller intestine to large. You can control digestion and bacterial overgrowth by in-taking activated charcoal, we have already covered Activated Charcoal Uses which you may like to check.
  3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic condition also known as acid reflux, occurs when stomach contents flow back up into your esophagus. It can be much more discomforting along with pain as it cause burning heart feeling as well.
  4. Dietary fructose intolerance, Lactose Intolerance can cause gas, gas pain, burping and diarrhea due to intake of fructose rich foods, milk or diary product. Celiac disease, in which you cannot tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, bread.. and some cosmetic products as well. Previously we have been covered about Gluten symptoms you may like to check out if you have celiac disease or Gluten intolerance.

Precautions to Avoid Abdominal Gas and Bloating

  1. Avoid Chewing Gum, as while chewing gum person swallow air which could later trapped in intestine and cause Gas Pain and Bloating.
  2. Intake Activated Charcoal, As Overgrowth of bacteria or indigestion can cause gas you can detox you intestine with activated charcoal, fruits and juices (but juices has vitamin C which can cause burning feeling).
  3. Try to Eat Slowly, Eating while moving or very quickly may also responsible for swallowing the air. One should chew every bite for atleast 30 times which helps in better digestion also.
  4. Dont Use Straws, Try to avoid straws as you are swallowing liquid with air directly in you digestive tracts. Drinking directly from bottle can do same.
  5. Quit Smoking, One of major cause of gas and bloating is smoking as you are only in-taking gases and air straight to you digestive tracts.
  6. Say No to Carbonated Drinks, Carbonated soda and sparkling water bring many gas and air with them in your digestive tracts which can cause gas, burping and bloating.

Best Activated Charcoal Pills for Gas Pain and Inflammation

There are plenty of Charcoal Pills and Powder packs as available on the market for Gas Pain. But which one you should pick? right! Don’t worry we have compiled the list of some of the top notch activated charcoal pills for inflammatory and gas pains with their pro and cons.

3. Pure Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules by Purest Vantage

Purest Vantage is one of the most pure and potent Activated Charcoal supplement available on the market. Pure Organic Charcoal Capsules and Pills are GMO Free, Gluten Free and Vegan, has no fillers and no additives.

This one is one of highest grade activated charcoal as its is manufactured in United stated and inspected by FDA following strict GMP guidelines.

You can use these pills and capsules for digestive issues,
hangover, food poisoning and to help detox, reduce gas, bloating, stomach ache and teeth whitening toothpaste.

..and this pack of activated charcoal capsules is value for money also, loaded with 90 capsules bottle offers unbeatable value whereas most other brand offer only 250 mg per capsule (proclaimed by manufacturer) where as Pure Organic provides 600 mg per capsule which ensures a well deserved position in our list.

2. Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules by Trusted Organics

These Activated Charcoal Pills are made from organically grown coconuts harvested by local farmers in Chile, Sri-Lanka, and Philippines.

Trusted organic is giving 100% satisfaction 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t find it organic or pure enough or you just don’t satisfied with the product whole money will be refunded to you. We’ve tried this product and we found trusted organic is delivering exact as they promised.

Good for Detoxing as it is made from organically grown coconut , you can use these charcoal pills for hangover, gas pain, digestive issues, cleanse the liver and colon toxins. Coconut charcoal has more absorptive properties so it can be use cleansing the skin, face mask and teeth whitening as well.

1. Coconut Activated Charcoal Supplements Natural Pills by Whole Nature

Whole Nature activated charcoal supplement pills have been tested on top of the line condition in a GMP certified an American FDA registered facility.

This Charcoal pills by whole nature are gluten free, soy free, vegan and has no GMO. It has High potency, highly absorbent healthy cleansing formula and moreover these pills are easy to swallow.

This Charcoal supplement best suited for oral hygiene along stomach ache, bloating and reducing gas pain, as it is odorless and tasteless
helps in control the pH levels and prevent cavities, and can be use for bad breath or gum diseases. Activated charcoal binds drugs and toxins, along viruses, fungus, bacteria and & chemicals found in water.

Moreover, It helps in treat poisonings, lower cholesterol levels, prevent diarrhea, prevent hangover, calm upset stomach and reduce intestinal gases, bloating relief.

..And it comes in Huge-bottle back of 180 Charcoal capsules made up from organic coconut whereas other manufacturers are providing 90-120 capsule pack. Whole Nature able to provide pack of 180 pills in regular price.

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