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Are Oranges Good for you – 9 Healthy Benefits of having Oranges!

Oranges are also known as the golden apple that might as well be worth its weight in gold for incredible things from which it can protect your body.

One can say it has got a touch of  Midas so as turn your health into valuable gold. Orange itself is vibrant and inspiring color which tend to lure the person with its rogue skin and tangy taste.

Those round, fleshy, juicy and pulpy fruits are loaded with all essential vitamins and minerals required by your body. It’s worth picking oranges over a packet of noodles or chocolate bar in a shopping mall.

List of all Healthy Benefits of Oranges

There are some laundry list of oranges but few essential advantages are  listed down here, which will make orange not only your favorite food but it will top the list of your fruit basket.

1. Boost Immunity

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Don’t mind to add the vitamin C loathed fruit in your diet.

According to a study it has been revealed that one full portion of orange strengthen your body’s immunity up to a certain level.

2. Keeps Heart disease at Bay

Orange are great antioxidant. The free radical damage caused in the body oxidises cholesterol which adheres to the walls of arteries leading to blockage of arteries and giving stroke or heart attack.

Hence orange is a fibrous fruit which also because of its hydrophilic nature gel well with water when consumed and moves down slowly pushing the cholesterol down the GI tract . It contains flavonoid hesperidins which also helps in lowering  the cholesterol level.

3. Prevents from cancer

These pulpy juicy fruit not only stores vitamin C and antioxidant,but also contains some nutrients which helps in preventing cancer. It contains D- Limonene that acts as a non carcinogenic agent in oranges.

Due to high content of junk food and lifestyle diseases there are more amount of free radicals in the body. These free radicals tend to cause damage to healthy cells and could potentiate uncontrolled cell proliferation which has high chances of cancerous cell growth.

Oranges contains few antioxidants which can combat the ongoing cell proliferation and prevent you from such dreaded diseases.

Some studies also revealed that DNA mutation in colon causes cancer but a rich source of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) can prevent it. Hence no other fruit can replace orange which is a rich source of vitamin C.

4. Develops your Body’s most lively organ- Brain

The folic acid/folate in oranges helps in overall development of brain in body. After giving nutritional milk to children it is also advisable to give them some wedges of oranges which will boost the overall development of brain.

It is also advisable for Pregnant mothers to eat orange so that the child may have full developed brain and may not develop neurological disorder later on in his life.

5. A boon for Diabetes

The sweet tangy taste of orange makes people to fall in love with the fruit, however the sweetness in dangerous for diabetic patients.

But oranges have glycemic index of 40 and anything below 54 is advisable so as to avoid sudden spurt in sugar. Therefore, oranges can supplement your craving for sweets and few wedges of oranges can do no harm for your diabetes profile.

6. Nectar for your Skin

You must be aware of the fact that skin peel, skin facials or skin mask always has one of the essential ingredient orange in it. Orange contains collage which is responsible for keeping the skin cells intact and slowdowns the ageing process.

Hence topical application of fruit as a face mask is advised but the wholesome fruit will enhance the collagen production from the basal layer of the skin cells and will give you soft supple skin. Antioxidant in orange also helps in removing the dead skin off the skin.

7. Bliss for your visionary organs

Vitamin A is a blessing for your eyes. You may be glad to know that oranges are source of vitamin A.

The caretonoid lutein and xanthenes helps in keeping the age related macular degeneration disease aside. Oranges also helps in keeping he mucous membrane of eyes moist and intact.

8. Oranges favor you in fertility

The lifestyle and habits of young generation offer leads to infertility in men and women. however the One orange can work wonders for you.

Oranges is known to improve sperm quality and vitality  and folic acid in oranges increases the concentration of sperm leading to more chances of your partner getting conceived.

9. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not a big deal with Oranges

Oranges benefit not only the upper body but it also has its share of benefits towards lower body area when it comes to constipation.

Orange is surrounded by white fibrous layer in between the orange peel and pulpy fruit. It is also called as ‘Pith’. The pith improves the digestion process and the fruit also has soluble and insoluble minerals which leads to better digestion and reduce transit time of farces and avoids straining and constipation.

Not only the fruit but the peel of orange also has tremendous benefits. It is widely used in peel mask and peel facial. The chef’s in restaurant adds orange peel as a savory which enhance your taste buds.

Conclusion: Orange with its umpteen benefits has served its purpose to grace your dining table, kitchen shelf or your handbag. It is always recommended that wholesome fruit serves its value better than the preservative added  juice or processed  jams or jellies can do.

So next time when you find these yellow red mixture color fruit placed in pyramid in the market, just become impulsive and add them to your shopping list.

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