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5 Best Omega 3 Supplements on the Market, Pills as well as Softgels

Omega 3 fish oil supplements have immense health benefits, especially for the people suffering form heart diseases. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is essential for our body to prevent the occurrence of heart diseases.

The Omega 3 fish oil consists of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Since our bodies are unable to produce these fatty acids on its own, we need to consume it via supplements.

However, before the consumption of these omega 3 supplements, it is important to know about its benefits and side effects.

Benefits of Omega-3 supplements

According to various studies, omega 3 supplements have the following benefits:

  1. Lowering of blood pressure
  2. Reduction of triglycerides in the body
  3. Reduction in the occurrence of stroke and heart attack
  4. Slows down the plaque formation in the arteries
  5. Stabilizes the heart rhythm and reduces the chances of an abnormal one
  6. Reduces the chances of a sudden cardiac arrest and death amongst people with heart diseases

Side effects of Omega-3 supplements

Apart from the benefits, the omega 3 supplements may have a few side effects as well. These include:

  1. Mouth tastes weirdly fishy
  2. Foul fish breath
  3. Stomach gets upset
  4. Nausea
  5. Loose motion
  6. Consumption of more than 3g of the supplement increases bleeding chances

The following are some of the best omega 3 supplements that you can check if you are looking forward to including them in your daily diet.

1. Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement with 1200mg EPA, 900mg DHA & Fatty Acid Combination

This omega 3 supplement by BioSchwartz is formulated by several doctors and contains the highest concentration of the fatty acids, that is, 3000mg. It ensures that you get one of best and safest forms of the fatty acids of omega 3 and eliminates any kind of oxidation, foul fishy burps and unpleasant fishy taste.

Unlike the other omega 3 supplements out there in the market, this one uses a proprietary method of extraction so as to concentrate the omega 3 value for a better absorption.

Also, the fishes from which the oil is extracted are caught from the Iceland cold waters to retain the purity and avoid any sorts of contamination. Also, these omega 3 soft gels are FDA approved and formulated in the US to provide you with the best of the quality.

2. Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement – Highly Concentrated Fish Oil Omega 3 Pills

The Viva Naturals omega 3 supplement is manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals or heat, which as a result provides you with 3 times more omega 3 fatty acids than the other supplements available in the market. Each of the daily serving provides 2200mg fish oil, 480mg DHA and 1400mg EPA.

Since these omega 3 fatty acids are delivered to you in the triglycerides form, it becomes much easier for your body to absorb them quickly. The fishes from which the oil is extracted are not farm raised but caught through cautious practices of fishing.

Also, the oil is extracted from tinier fishes as well like mackerel and sardines that are known to have lesser amounts of mercury and toxins in them than the bigger ones like salmon.

Every batch of the supplement is undergone through a purity test and is certified as IFOS 5 star, which is ranking system for fish oil of premium quality.

3. Nordic Naturals – Omega-3, Cognition, Heart Health, and Immune Support Soft Gels

This omega 3 supplement from Nordic Naturals comes with a formula that is non-concentrated to keep all its parts and ingredients in its most natural balance. So many Omega 3 fish oil concentrates or supplements in the market are in the form of ethyl ester molecules, which is a kind of synthetic fat.

However, the fish oil formula from Nordic Naturals provides you with the purest form of triglycerides so that your body absorbs them in the most optimum way possible.

Also, these supplements have a patented process of flavoring and taste citrusy so that you don’t fact any kind of fishy taste o smell no matter what.

The omega 3 supplements all the non-GMO ingredients and are dairy and gluten free. Also, they do not contain any sorts of artificial preservatives or colors. To provide you with the top quality, these supplements contain fish oil from the freshly caught fishes that are omega rich.

4. New Chapter Fish Oil Supplement – Wholemega Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Omega-3

The New Chapter fish oil supplement is manufactured to provide you with healthier triglycerides level and help in the improvement of omega 3 index within a period of 2 weeks.

These omega 3 supplements come with not just one, but many different health benefits since it comes with EPA and DHA apart from the usual omega 3 fish oil.

Also, the fish oil extracted is from the salmons that are wildly caught from Alaska. Here, a state law is implemented for sustainable fishing, so there is no chance of overfishing, wasted catches, or bottom trawling.

This supplement consists of freshly pressed extra virgin fish oil to provide optimum absorption in your body. Also, it consists of 17 different omega fatty acids, Astaxanthin and Vitamin D3.

It doesn’t contain any kind of artificial flavouring, sugars, sweeteners, and is made from completely non-GMO salmon fish oil. Not only this, but also it is gluten free and NSF certified.

5. Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement

The Nutrigold triple strength omega 3 supplements is made from premium IFSO 5-star fish oil. When you consume a single serving of 2 soft gels a day, your body is provided with 2100mg of omega 3 fatty acids in its purest form.

The fish oil is extracted using an advanced method of molecular distillation so that the potency and purity is well maintained. Also, this supplement is free from all toxins, mercury, PCB, and dioxins. The omega 3 fatty acids are highly concentrated and contain a variety of 100 omega 3 acids.

And not only this, but also the 2600mg of each serving consists of 550 DHA and 1450 EPA. The supplement is manufactured via a process that is completely hexane free and is non-GMO verified. Each soft gel is gluten and corn free.

Include omega 3 supplements in your daily diet, especially if you are suffering from coronary heart disease and see how consuming it makes a whole world of difference in your health. Choose a supplement that suits you according to your needs and you’ll be healthy as ever.

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