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BioX Protein Advanced Nutrition Supplement for Athletes

Anyone with a basic understanding of fitness knows about supplementation and its advantages. Although the market is bombarded with protein and drink, they do not offer advanced Nutrition.

These are not Nutrition supplements as they are prepared using artificial ingredients. If you are a fitness freak and looking to buy a pure supplement, you should go for lean gainer or nitro juice gainer.

These powder protein drinks accelerate your training and improve overall athletic performance. Before exploring their benefits, let us look at why protein is so essential when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.

Whey Protein is Necessary:

A highly searched question online these days, well, the answer is protein is an essential micronutrient that supports multiple functions in the body. Without proper intake of protein, we might cease to function.

Therefore, health experts recommend individuals should consume protein regularly to stay active. One can increase protein intake through meat, fish, chicken, and eggs. The question arises here why gym-goers have to rely on supplements when they have natural resources for protein intake.

The life of an athlete differs from the average adult working in an office. They have to follow a regular exercise program for which protein from a normal diet is not enough. That is why a Nutritional Supplement is required to inject protein into the body to survive intensive training sessions.

Benefits of Protein supplements:

  • Muscle Growth

Muscle growth requires hard work in the gym and a portion-controlled diet. Additionally, gym-goers need advanced Nutrition to hit the iron hard. However, regular exercise makes him feel stressed, slowing down his overall performance.

It happens when muscle tissues break down, and the body uses them as energy. Lean gainer protein supplement supplies fresh protein and amino acid profiles, stopping muscle breakdown. Amino acids, especially leucine, promote muscle protein synthesis and gives your muscle instant energy to complete the workout.

However, one should combine his nutritional supplement with a proper diet and regular exercise. A supplement is effective when followed by a good diet; if you are not a gym-goer, ask your dietician to suggest an appropriate dosage.

  • Reduces Fat Levels 

Fat levels can cause hurdles in your overall fitness journey. Therefore, a gym-goer tries his best to avoid caloric food. Often individuals reduce calorie intake in an attempt to lower their fat levels.

According to professional athletes, reducing calories is not a healthy practice. However, it helps you to lower fats but declines your energy in the end. Lean gainer is a high-quality protein supplement with a massive amount of calories to ensure your body’s energy is maintained. Additionally, protein digests quickly in your body, making you feel fuller.

Another reason for gaining fat is unhealthy snacking between lunch and dinner. Snacking is a reason for cravings as when we crave, we go for sugary beverages, chips, or snacks, which are unhealthy. These UN processed foods contain a considerable amount of calories, leading to increased fat levels.

Protein promotes satiety, a point where the individual feels fuller and does not crave anything. Multiple studies claim protein reduces hunger hormones and cravings by 50%.

  • Improves Overall Endurance 

Swimmers, cyclers, and athletes have to take part in multiple activities. Therefore, they need advanced Nutrition to survive resistance training. However, continuous workouts lead to tiredness, slowing down your overall performance.

Nitro juice gainer is a top-quality protein supplement that reduces the mica tears in your muscle, which causes exhaustion.

Moreover, the supplement offers minerals and vitamins to fuel the muscles, enabling athletes to bounce back on the exercise with full force. Several studies claim that appropriate protein use before and after a workout can repair damaged muscles and speed recovery after an intense workout session. 

  • Ease Muscle Soreness 

Muscle soreness is often referred to as delayed onset muscle soreness. Soreness causes pain and irritation in the body that causes a performance slowdown.

Although muscle soreness is positive, that indicates muscle growth but reduces your capability to generate energy when it remains for the long term. Researchers have tried hard to find the real reason behind soreness. However, the researches lack solid evidence, and the cause has not yet been stated. It does not mean soreness has no treatment; you can opt for health supplements to ease muscle soreness.

Power Meal fuel is a protein drink that eliminates acid build-up from your body and stops it from accumulating again.

A Nutritional supplement like nitro juice gainer is beneficial for athletes and others who do not often visit the gym. Health benefits of protein supplements include improvement in skin health and oral health. Moreover, it is given to cancer patients as well. Although protein has countless advantages, they are valid when using the appropriate protein dosage. 

Protein dosage plays a crucial role in fitness and bodybuilding. However, often gym athletes overconsume protein to gain quick results. At the same time, it is not a healthy practice and might cause side effects. If you are not aware of protein dosage, you do not need to worry.

Protein Dosage 

Excess of anything can lead to side effects. Similarly, consuming protein supplements in excessive quantities can lead to health problems. Research has not suggested any appropriate protein dosage.

However, some studies claim that usage of protein supplements relies on several factors, including age, gender, and metabolic rate. Therefore, everyone has their age and metabolism, making it difficult to suggest any dosage.

Some studies indicate that humans should consume 0.5grams of protein per kg of body weight daily. Whereas gym-goers have to hit the iron complex, they need a high amount of protein. They should consume 0.8grams per kg body weight regularly to maintain their physic. 

However, one should avoid over-usage as it can lead to stomach upsets, kidney problems, and gas.

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