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6 Best Workouts with Resistance Loop Band For Curvy Booty

For ladies having a curvy figures are a desire and a dream too. Having a physique as you always dreamed of also directly impacts your life and profession too in every positive way.

A good physique will boost you with self-confidence and boldness, moreover, you will be good to be in your body which will make you bold too. Such personality is always gets appreciated in the workplace and society too. Of course, you will get attention from male colleagues and teammates too 😉

What is Resistance Band Loops? In case you are not aware of what resistance band loops are. An infinite elastic band that will apply resistance externally on your body while you’ll perform the exercise.

They are flat and can vary from thin to thick, based on their thickness the resistance will vary. If you want a curvy body and looking for exercises for wider buttocks then you should check our guide regarding that as well. And several of the best booty resistance bands are out there to choose from…

Benefits of Resistance Band Loops

You don’t need to Hold or carry any other weight while using resistance bands during your workouts.

Also, they help you to get more muscle strength, and the aim to use them is to make your workout effective for certain body parts or regions. There are a few more benefits which are as follows…

Joint Support – Another of the major advantages of the resistance band is that you can support your joints while doing the workout. If you had an old injury, having arthritis-like joint pain, or any issue related to joining, you can take the benefits of these resistance bands.

Suitable For Beginner to Advance Level – Despite how long you are doing the workout, either beginner or an advanced level workout you do, Or No matter what kind of workout intensity maintain in your reps anyone can use these Resistance exercise bands.

Use them in Pre Workout or Warmup – Not Just in a workout just for a nice warm-up also you can use these band loops for your pre-workout session in your daily routine.

Store Anywhere Easily – Unlike weight, dumbbells’ or rods… Resistance bands don’t require much space to store you can store them easily anywhere as they are easy to fold just like any other belt or band. and they are very much portable so you can take them along on your travel tour.

Helps you in your Strength Training – You can include these bands in your stamina-boosting strength routine for more push limits, certainly, it will help you to increase not just strength but endurance and your mobility as well. You can just focus either your whole body or a certain body part or region like legs, butts, or arm.

Speaking about Arms, You might like to check one of our previous posts about “How to get rid of Arm Fat

Inexpensive – You can use them as an alternative to weight, and they are not expensive at all as compare to weights and other gym equipment.

Our Recommendation for Resistance Band

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Mistakes to Avoid While Using Resistance Loop Bands

The band is too tight – If the band will be too tight for you, it would require more strength, resulting in you not having enough room to do exercises effectively. It is really important to choose the right strength band for your effective workout.

Not Using well enough – If you are stretching the bands over the edge sharply, you may tear your bands, choose another band as per your strength, and use them smoothly. Although it would not affect your health you would not like to go again and again to buy new bands, right!

Best Booty Band Workout for Curvier Buttocks

1. Banded Fire Hydrant Exercise

  • Loop your booty band above your knee levels.
  • On a Gym or Yoga mat position yourself on all four legs and arms.
  • Focus on abdominal muscles, keep them tighten up.
  • Now, move one of your legs outward away from the hips and keep the other leg straight. Keep doing this slowly and steady and after completing reps of one leg switch to another.

2. Side leg lifts

  • Wear the band over both legs, just above your knee, and Lay Down on one side on a mat, with your arm support your head.
  • Lift upper leg upward, while keeping your legs straight in a controlled manner then bring the leg down slowly.
  • Do a set of 10 reps with 1 leg then switch to another leg, and keep repeating that.

3. Lateral band walk

  • Wear a band over your legs just above the knee, keep your feet planted on the floor, around your shoulder width.
  • You’ll have to do a classic squat and lower yourself halfway so that your thighs will make 45 degrees with your legs.
  • Now, You have to take 2 steps towards the right side, stretch your band while stepping, and then two steps towards the starting point. That’s a rep now keep doing reps for both left and right sides.

4. Donkey kick

  • Donkey kick is almost similar to Fire hydrant exercise, but instead of moving your leg outward…
  • In a donkey kick, you have to move your leg backward, While moving your leg backward, Form a straight line with your leg and back.
  • You can do one leg in each set or change leg after every rep that is up to you, and repeat.

5. Clamshell exercise

  • Lay down on the mat, and keep your both legs bent from your knee, keep both feet together.
  • Above knees place your band on your thighs.
  • Lift upward your knee keeping your feet together, then slowly bring it down.
  • After completing reps from one side and leg switch the side and try with other legs well.

6. Banded seated abductions

  • Sit with bent knees and feet must be firmly planted on the floor.
  • While keeping your upper body straight or slightly leaning forward. and Keep your back relax while performing this exercise.
  • Keep resistance band around your leg above your knees, and then move legs outwards away from each other without jerking in controller motion.


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