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How Dip Bars can help Improve your Calisthenic Workouts

What do you do when you do not want to have to subscribe to a gym every month or buy so many gym equipment and weights just because you want to start a home gym?

You may want very simple, inexpensive, and yet versatile equipment that can meet all your exercise needs and give you some good muscle.

There are different reasons why you may want this. Maybe you just cannot afford too much gym equipment at home and you do not think a subscription to the gym is best for you.

Or, you live in a really small apartment and building and you do not have too much space to spare. There is a possible solution for you.

What if you have an alternative method of exercise that can give you almost the same results but may be able to afford you more cost-effective equipment? Have you tried calisthenics?

The difference between calisthenics and weight lifting is that while you lift weights in weightlifting, you use your body as weight in calisthenics. Although calisthenic athletes do wear weights on their body to increase their weight you won’t need this until you get to the advanced stage.

The advantage of calisthenics is that you can do it almost anywhere. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and so on are calisthenic exercises that depend on your body as weights. Calisthenics also give good muscular gain and have nice results too.

Weights are very good and you get nice results with weights, but if you want to go small, you can start with calisthenics. One equipment we are going to consider in our calisthenic gym-at-home workout are the dip bars.

Why you should consider getting a Dip Bar

It’s versatile: Yeah! you can perform a lot of calisthenic exercises like planks, sit-ups, push-ups, dips exercises, and so on with dip bars. In addition to all that, you can buy weights to wear on your body in order to increase resistance.

It’s a good choice for short people: dip racks may be more stable than dip bars, but they can pose a problem to short people who may at times have to get a stool in order to reach the handles. With dip bars, you save yourself the stress.

It saves space: if you live in a small apartment building where you do not have so much space, you can optimize your home gym by using a dip rack

It is cost-effective: dip racks are not expensive so are a nice choice for home-based exercises if you are on a budget. When you combine this with its versatility, it may be the perfect equipment for a low-budget home gym.

Things you may want to think about before buying a dip bar:
The first thing you want to think about is stability. Your dip bar should not be all wobbly.

Also, think about the max weight it can support. The dip bar is usually a piece of small equipment, this means there is a limit to how much weight it can support.

If you are a heavy person, you may want to make sure your dip bar can support your weight, or you may literally end up in a head-on collision with the floor.

You also want to make sure it is durable you do not want to have to change it just three months after you buy it.

Also, you may want to check out the size. There is no rule of thumb in size, it depends on your height. It should be big enough for you to work comfortably and small enough for you to store in your house and easily carry around.

5 Best Dip Bars for an At-Home Workout

We actually came to this conclusion by actually checking what many other blogs like livin3’s blog have to say about this and also what customer reviews on e-commerce sites like Amazon are.

We mostly used reviews on Amazon because we think it relates more to the Average American (just our opinion really). Now that we have said that for transparency sake, let’s move forward:

Ultimate body press dip bar by fitness station: If you want a combination of versatility in exercises, portability, adaptability and cost-effectiveness, the ultimate body press dip bar is your go-to bar. It can support up to 350Ibs of weight (a disadvantage if you are quite heavy). At $89.95 it is very affordable and can be used anywhere from the office to your home. It is one of Amazon’s best. You have a 4/5 average rating from around 417 customers. We think a lot of customers are quite happy with this. You may want to be careful if you are tall or obese though.

Lebert fitness equalizer total-body strengthener: This is a very nice option with adjustable bars which you can adjust to fit your space the way you want. It can support fairly more weight than the ultimate body press (400Ibs), but it is also a bit pricier. It comes with DVD instructions on exercises you can perform just to make sure you do your exercises correctly and so you can get the best out of the equipment. You can check it out.

Titan fitness HD dip station: If you are more interested in quality, this is your dip bar. It may probably be there for your grandchildren’s grandchildren to see – maybe… however, you get the point – it has solid quality. It can also support about 750Ibs of weight so heavy people are safer using this. It has solid foam grips to give you a solid grip with greater control about 156 people rated this 4.5/5. It is currently very cheap at about $58.99 but we don’t know how long that’s going to last as it seems there is only one offer for that left as at the time of writing this article.

GoBeast power tower pull-up bar dip stand: this equipment is highly versatile and allows for a very wide range of exercises. Its handle is adjustable so it can double as a dip tower for good pull-ups and a dip bar for dips, push-ups and so on. It is great for tall people and also for short people as the height can easily be adjusted. However, the price is quite high at about $154.49. It still remains a good buy, however.

Black mountain heavy-duty stand: this equipment is actually lightweight for a heavy-duty stand (a heavy-duty machine is supposed to be heavy – or, is it?). if you are looking for a dip sit rack that you can easily work with at a cheap price, then you may try this. It is also quite affordable at about $48.5. Probably the cheapest we have seen at a good quality (heavy-duty stands are meant to be expensive – maybe?). Well, some customers complain that some of the samples are a bit wobbly and too wide for people with a very thin build, while others say it is sturdy. We think that if you can manage to get a good quality dip stand at $48.5 then you have gotten a good bargain.

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