13 Bedtime Drinks that help you to get Deep Sleep – Natural Sleep Aids

If you are here you are probably facing sleep disorder or insomnia.. which can be many reasons such as stress, depression, anxiety, by taking some drug or medication, jet lag like circadian rhythm disorder. 

Sleep Disorder is further categorized into four parts which are insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy.  You should know what is the reason for causing sleep deprivation. If you know the root of a disease it’ll become much easier to cure it.

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Types of Sleep Disorder

  1. Insomnia- when one is don’t able to fall asleep or wake for the whole night, in easiest term sleeplessness. It can lead to Fatigue, moodiness, irritation or mental illness.
  2. Restless Leg Syndrome- is a nervous disorder in which one has the urge to move the legs usually while resting. It can lead one to anxiety, restlessness, lack of focus.
  3. Sleep Apnea- when a person stops breathing for several seconds while sleeping due to blockage in the respiratory system.
  4. Narcolepsy-  is chronic day-time sleep attacks, In this one can fall asleep anytime during any daily activity. It can happen anytime in workhours, eating or even driving.

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms are..

There are some symptoms as well for sleep disorder you can check if you are still not sure if you have it or not..

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  1. Almost always feel tired or exhausted even after getting enough (8 hours or more) sleep.
  2. Facing trouble in falling asleep or if you don’t fall sleep at all.
  3. Are you a daytime yawner If you yawn a lot in a day whether you are at job hours, date or in some important meeting.
  4. Due to the sleep disorder, one can suffer from moodiness, tiredness irritability, depressed or low mood, difficulty learning in new things, forgetfulness, tough to concentrate.

Drinks that help you Sleep through the Night

If you were looking for what to drink before bed to help sleep, then we have made the list of some of the most delicious and sleep-inducing drinks which you intake as natural sleep supplement…

1. Reishi Chocolate Latte

Chocolate Latte drink recipe

2. Spiced Ayurvedic Sleepytime Mylk

Ayurvedic turmeric Milk tonic

3. Ayurvedic Saffron Sleep Tonic

4. Cherry Turmeric Bed Time Tea

Cherry turmeric bedtime tea

5. Banana Tea For Sleep and Insomnia

Banana Tea For Sleep and Insomnia

6. Wind Down Spa Iced Tea

7. Snicker Doodle Chickpea Smoothie

Snicker Doodle Chickpea Smoothie

8. Hemp Peppermint Hot Chocolate

9. Calming Bedtime Green Smoothie

10. Bedtime Coconut and Banana Smoothie

11. Turmeric Hot Toddy Sleep Drink Recipe

12. Avocado Vanilla Smoothie Drink

13. Vegan Pumpkin Spice Bedtime Drink

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