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5 Benefits of Forbidden Black Rice to have in your Meal

Mother Nature has benefited us humans and other species in our world with many nutritional elements that we can keep counting and the list will never end.

The countless minerals and vitamins other than the proteins and other nutritional resources are there in abundance. Most of them we know about, but there are still many that remains out of our sight for a long period of time. Black rice is one of them.

Don’t worry, there are lot others like you who haven’t even heard that there is a variety of rice that is black in color.

Their brown and white counterparts are being consumed by the entire world since the dawn of man. But what is it that makes the black rice so rare that it remains unheard of by most of the population.

Before moving on to the nutritional value of it, let’s talk about black rice some more.

When it comes to the health aspect, the black rice is way above its cousins, the white rice and the brown one. The health benefits of the black rice are innumerable and amazing.

The Chinese folklore have claimed that this mythic breed of rice has been pretty rare and in the ancient times, only the emperors and the royal households were allowed to reap the benefits of them.

They were completely out of the reach of the general population, no matter how rich they were. It was so rare that if a normal person was found out having the rice, it was punishable by death.

However, the times aren’t the same. Today, everybody can have the black rice and take full advantage of its healthy elements and the unmatchable healing abilities. Now is the time to go on and understand the scientifically proven health benefits of black rice.

1. Far better than brown and white rice when it comes to Nutrition – The nutritional value of the black rice is quite on the higher side if compared to the brown and the white rice.

The white rice isn’t known to be much nutritious at all, the brown rice is slightly better when it comes to the nutritional value. But can they both together compete with the black rice when it comes to that? The answer is NO.

The black rice has a lot less calories and fewer carbs than the white and brown rice and a much higher level of protein have been found in it. The difference among them may not be insanely high, but still, the black rice fares much better when it comes to the nutritional value of it.

2. Anti oxidants- The black rice is proven to be rich in the very essential antioxidants which are known for their cancer fighting nature. The black rice is miles ahead of brown and white rice when it comes to anti oxidants and this is a reason alone to opt for the black rice whenever there is a choice to make between the three.

The studies have proven that the concentration of the anti oxidants in the black rice is about 6 times higher than the brown and white ones.

The other two aren’t even in the competition. The nearest rival to the black rice in terms of the anti oxidants is the blueberry.

And let’s not forget the fact that blueberries have been ranked number one when it comes to the fruits and vegetables with the higher percentage of anti oxidants in them. But the upside it has over the blueberries it that, it is easily much more affordable than that.

3. Fights inflammation – Most of the times, the inflammation is a good thing as it means the body is getting ready to tackle the outside harmful elements. But when it gets out of hand, it becomes a problem for many a people.

The scientists have claimed that this inflammation is the cause for some of the most severe diseases that the mankind has been cursed with such as cancer and asthma.

The black rice is known to have the inflammation fighting ingredients. The scientists have researched enough to land on the conclusion that the black rice is far better for fighting the chronic inflammation that the brown and white rice.

4. Weight management- The culprit is the high level of fiber in the black rice that makes it easy to digest and keep one fuller for a long time.

It is also known to suppress the cravings which makes one take in more food than needed. The white and brown rice are also rich in fibres but of course, the level is highest in the black rice.

That is a result of the tests that have been taken. So there goes one more reason for you to start taking in more of this black beauty.

5. Healthy heart – One other irresistible benefit of consuming black rice is the benefits for the heart that it comes with. The studies have found that it helps in managing the level of atherosclerotic in the veins thus leading to a better flow of oxygen and finally means a better heart.

When this plaque builds up in the heart, it becomes a very big reason for the heart strokes and other issues. And let us remember the fact; heart related diseases are one among the top three reasons of untimely death among the human beings all over the world.

If these reasons aren’t enough, there are many more we can list here to convince you thoroughly about the benefits of black rice.

That doesn’t mean that you must eliminate the brown and white rice totally from your diet. But adding some amount of black rice in your everyday diet may provide you with some great benefits and an improved overall health.

And about the taste, well it’s a concept that is largely subjective. But if the nutty and tasty feel of having black rice won’t entice you enough that we don’t know what will. The aroma is beautiful and it certainly deserves to be a part of your everyday diet.

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