get rid of belly fat and get toned stomach

5 Easy Tips on Lose and Get Rid of Belly Fat

So, you have been working out for months and have managed to let go most of your body fat but the one that is stocked on your mid-section is still giving you creeps?

Oh, that dreaded pouch around the waist that seems almost impossible to get rid of and seemingly destroying your dream of having that perfect mid section. Well, it’s hard. The forces of evolution have decided to play with us in such a way that the belly fat is the first one to appear and the last one to go.

But taking the correct measures may help you massively in making it go, so read further and find some easy tricks to get rid of that extra fat in your mid-section.

First and foremost, it just needs to be said- spot reduction is impossible. You can never target a specific body area from where you want to see the fat go. You have to do cardio, eat right and lift weights in order to get your overall body fat percentage low. But the tricks that are mentioned below will help you in toning your middle area.

They will work if you are dedicated enough to follow them and always remember- no pain, no gain.

1. The magic hour snacks- The time between 3 pm and 4 pm has been crowned as the magic hour, so make the most of it by adding a considerable dose of protein. Eat almonds with a raw apple and some other rich in protein snacks such as a low fat cheese bar and a protein bar.

And no matter what, don’t miss these snacks. If the constant research on the fat loss topic is something you have done excessively, you know what protein does for you. So trust the protein and let your metabolism go berserk along with balancing the body sugar.

The deal with heightened body sugar is that it makes way for insulin which is a massive culprit to get the fat stored around your waist. There are other ways to keep the blood sugar balanced. You must keep your meals smaller and more frequent. Eat every three to four hours and see the magic happening.

2. Make way for glucagon- This is one messiah of a hormone for the ones trying to make the belly fat go. For it to exist, the blood sugar level shall be at its lowest in your body. Quit sugar and make way for glucagon.

It will make the belly fat disappear in no time. It may not be easy for many among you to cut out all the sugar immediately from your diet. The cravings are super bad and they may compel you to have some sugar every now and them. If and when it happens, just think of why you wanted to get rid of it in the first place.

So, it’s as simple as that- zero sugar means zero insulin and high level of glucagon. Follow this advice and promise yourself to never even touch those irresistible white crystals again!

3. Chew- Yes, it does get as easy as this. Make this a habit to chew your food for longer that you do, until it forgets its solid state totally. The digestion process starts from the mouth and ends up in your belly.

Chewing for a prolonged time means lesser workload for the digestive system and will ultimately result in less gas and bloating. Just remember, the food will not be properly digested if your mouth doesn’t do its share of work.

So, chew away as much as you can. And plus, it will make you enjoy your food even more.

4. Boxing- Punching is an exercise that must be added to your cardio routine and it is great fun as well. Ever wondered why all the boxers you see are having great cores? That is because punching puts a lot of pressure on your middle section of the body and overtime, makes it hard as a rock.

When you are punching along with the weights and fast, it works like magic for your stomach fat and you may see it go in no time.

Not only for the waistline, boxing also happens to be one of the best weight loss exercises around. It burns loads of calories and makes the stamina better. Hands down to one of the most fun things to do which also is a very effective weight loss exercise.

5. Go down on the quantity of your food- The more you eat, the more pressure it puts on your stomach. If its job is made easier by making it process lesser food, it will work just fine and will automatically get rid of the dreaded bloating soon.

The portion controlled and balanced meals must be taken about 4 to 6 times a day. Make sure to include a lot of fiber and proteins in your diet. The inclusion of whole grain eatables and monounsaturated fat is just the perfect way to get that flat belly that you dream about.

The people who are more into the whole grains are much better at losing belly fat than people who don’t. You are what you eat and this can’t be any truer when it comes to losing the belly fat. The healthier you eat, the better your body works.

And the better your body works, the better the metabolism. And when it comes to losing weight, metabolism serves as the Holy Grail.

There are many other ways to get a flat stomach, more than we can list there. They are all on the surface though, the core of if all remains the same – eat good and workout. Get rid of all the saturated fats, sugars, junk food and mostly dairy. For a huge chunk of population, digesting dairy is very hard and the indigestion causes severe bloating and gas which can go on for days in a row.

So, In the conclusion, it may be hard, but not impossible to make the stomach fat melt. You just have to be patient enough.

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