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Why Is Your Belly Fat Not Reducing, How to Lose Fat Fast!

Have you ever wondered why despite all your efforts and diet plans, you can’t lose your belly fat?

You have walked all the pedestrian streets of Downtown Charlotte North Carolina and even cycled the walkways at Charlotte, yet, your waist wouldn’t slim down.

Why won’t this stomach fat let you be? We have the answers. Have a look!

Look At Your Genetics
The first reason your visceral or subcutaneous fats stay despite your numerous efforts is often down to your genetics. So, look at your parents; do they have lots of weight around their abdomen?

If yes, then the chances are that you would grow to have stomach fat too. And that’s if you don’t already have it.

Besides traits of obesity, genes can also influence your metabolism and behavior. And all that together lays a strong foundation for stomach fat.

Regardless, you can reduce your stomach fat or at least manage it despite your genes. With the help of experts like Ph.D., you can condition your body and influence your metabolism.

Belly Fat Likes Low Supply Of Estrogen
Low estrogen levels are common occurrences for women as they move towards menopause and beyond. At that stage, it is natural for your hormones to trigger fat accumulation around your abdomen and pelvis region.

And even when you don’t gain visible weight, the waistline would naturally increase after menopause. But does that mean all waist growth post-menopause is a sign of visceral or subcutaneous fat?

No! You only have to worry once your waistline measures over 35 inches as a woman (40inches for a man). Such a change will make you prone to complications such as diabetes or even cancer.

In any case, you can treat hormonal-induced stomach fat. The way out is hormone replacement therapy.

However, ensure you understand the risks before undergoing the said procedure. Most importantly, engage an expert to help you.

You Take Alcohol And Sugary Contents
Stomach fat is not always down to natural causes. Often, it is an aggregation of your decisions. One of such is your love for alcohol and sugary drinks & treats.

In essence, poor diets are primary influences on both subcutaneous and visceral fat. Regardless of your underlying conditions, your dieting choices decide your metabolism.

And when you feed poorly, you will burn fewer calories than what you take, hence, stomach fat. Unfortunately, the environment doesn’t help. How?

American diets, across Charlotte, favor poor dieting. Everything you see, from prepackaged food to craft beers, contains unhealthy levels of sugar. As a result, it can be hard to lose the extra weight around your belly.

While we understand that avoiding alcohol and sweet treats can be almost impossible, you can reduce it. Limit the intake of such food to a few occasions. And while you are at it, burn the excess calories through regular exercise.

You Don’t Manage Stress Level!
Stress in itself makes people feed more. Think back to your recent episodes and how you feel like munching on a snack to calm down.

In other words, stress strengthens ghrelin – the hunger hormone. But that’s not all; it releases cortisol too.

Unfortunately, cortisol loves fat cells. Worse: It accelerates the production and storage of fat around your internal organs. And all that leads to uncontrollable weight gain.

Thankfully, you can reduce stress-induced stomach fat. How?
Revisit your exercise routine, and invest in stress control activities such as yoga.

You Don’t Get Adequate Sleep!
The last and often overlooked reason your stomach fat won’t reduce is your sleep patterns. If you don’t get adequate rest, you will consume more food.

Already, you don’t exercise enough to burn calories. Now, imagine adding to the excess; that would be disastrous!

Besides, lack of sleep increases your stress levels. So, avoid the episodes by regulating your sleep.

Last note: if at all you feel like eating at midnight, take fruits.

Overall, visceral and subcutaneous fats can be hectic to reduce. Despite your efforts, they linger and dent your self-esteem.

But you change the narrative and achieve your desired shape. Get help today at PHD Weight Loss!

Our services include personalized weight management programs that tackle your stomach fats. And instead of medications, we focus on natural remedies through exercise and nutrition tweaks.

So, take a cautious and sustainable step to reduce your abdominal fat. Contact us today to start!

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